We are HOney and The Emperor


Based out of Oakland, CA, Honey and The Emperor is a vibrant mix of musicians. Mary, a soulful songstress, grew up on the stage. She has been passionately writing songs for over a decade. She invites theatrical elements and dance into her music. In 2015, She released her Album, La Mer. She is currently working on her next Album, which will be released in Chapters. The first Chapter, 'Moon Dream' will be released this May.

Bryan Lovett plays bass, which sweeps the music into a phantasmal mix of sounds; synced with ethereal melodies, raw lyrics, driving beats, live drums keys and guitar.  The spirit of the music is enigmatic narrative stories, bringing to the surface deeply felt experiences, dreams and realities. The culminating sound and performance soars with loops, keys, drums, electronic beats, and bass. There is a depth and whispering cry to the wild soul.

Let us enrapture you. Let us Free you.


Vocals, Keyboard, loops / Mary Mailhot
Drums / Bryan Fogg (Rotating Drummers)
Bass / Bryan Lovett